World Rally Championship II Extreme (2002)
Front Cover Game Details
Platform PlayStation2
Genre Racing / Driving; Simulation; Sports
Publisher Sony
Developer Evolution Studios
Language English
Release Date 2002
Personal Details
Index 13
In Collection Yes
Original Yes
Completed No
Product Details
Format Video Game
UPC 711719412625
Nr of Disks 1

World Rally Championship (WRC) is a rally game that features licensed FIA cars, tracks, and drivers of the 2001 racing season. While WRC has full single and multiplayer options, most of the play centers around a detailed career mode where an entire racing season can be experienced.

To start, WRC allows the selection of a professional rally car (from a set of 7) and a driver. Selecting a driver also includes the co-driver/navigator that assists during the actual races. Playing an actual season involves completing 14 events in the game's 80+ tracks. Each track matches its real world counterpart and rendered in accurate terrain and weather detail - asphalt to dirt roads to rocky trails.

In addition to the normal driving controls and feedback common to most racing games, World Rally Championship adds a simple car damage system that not only affects the visual appearance (muddied paint, busted lights) of the vehicles but also the gameplay. A particularly brutal race for instance, might leave the car listing and handling poorly towards the end of the event.

To complete WRC multiplayer is available where 2 players can compete in time-based competition.